Forum Rules

Our Beam forums are open to anyone, and have stricter rules than our Rules of Conduct for our streaming site.

  • No mature content is allowed on the forums.
  • Signatures should take up no more space than 3 lines of text
  • Signatures should not contain animated gifs or large pictures
  • Forum posts should contribute to the conversation not just be a reaction gif or random conversation (unless you’re in a gif or random thread)
  • Forum posts should be G rated, keep the conversation on the forums clean. If it is not something the average person could walk up and discuss with a young child they don’t know, don’t discuss it on the forums.
  • Personal Information - Do not request or share any personally identifying information on forums, such as your address, phone number, age, real name, or any other way to find or contact you offline. Many communication options, third party apps, and game chats have the potential for exposing personal information, and risk the security of the younger members of our community. These may NOT be shared on our forums.The only exceptions are Curse, Discord, or Battlenet Tag, not RealID. Your safety is important to us, please do not risk it. Any messages with such information will be scrubbed.
  • Do not use private messaging system to harass other community members or to break global rules.
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