How to report a rule violation

While viewing or streaming on Mixer, you may encounter a user you feel is breaking the Rules of Conduct. Do NOT try to convince them they are breaking the rules. Report the violation and let our CAT Guardians determine the correct course of action.

  • To report a channel streaming content against the site rules:
    • Under the video, scroll down to find a “Report” button, click it and fill out the form as to what the violation is and why you believe it violates our rules of conduct
  • To report a user violating site rules in chat:
    • Click the username beside the message you wish to report and choose “report message”. Fill out the form regarding why you feel the message violates our Rules of Conduct

Using the report button fraudulently may be deemed harassment. Do not use the report button as a joke or prank. Misuse of the report button may result in loss of account privileges. 

Channel specific rules are the responsibility of channel specific mods. If a chat’s rules are stricter than ours, do not report the user to us, let the channel mods take care of it. If the channel has no mods, it is the streamer’s responsibility to enforce their own rules. Our CAT Guardians only review site Rules of Conduct violations. If you have questions about what is allowed you can message



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