Banned Terms and Forbidden Names

Usernames and avatars should be reasonable and globally clean. What this means is “But we use that term all the time where I am from” is not acceptable. If the name could be considered offensive to a significant portion of the human population, it will not be allowed. For minor violations, you will be asked to change your name and given 24hrs to comply. For more severe violations your account may be terminated and the name locked in our vault of “not good names”.

The following will not be tolerated in any name, regardless of context. Substituting numbers or symbols for letters will not change this:

  • Referencing anyone under 18 in a lewd or sexual manner
  • Pedophile (and derivatives)
  • Derogatory or Discriminatory terms related to sexuality, gender, religion or disability
  • Racial slurs and their derivatives
  • Threats

We review the context of words that are less offensive, some terms may be okay, depending on context. If you are not sure, ask

Name change requests are not debatable. If you have been sent a name change request, it means the whole team is in agreement.

There are also certain terms considered offensive enough that they will trigger a suspension for “Hate Speech” or “Threats” regardless of context. You may appeal the suspension if you believe the context shows you were not intending to be offensive, and IF you understand that you may not use those terms/phrases in the future on Mixer. If we lift the suspension/ban and the violation is repeated the next ban will be permanent.

  • Racial Slurs: Using racial slurs is not allowed in any context
  • Rape: This is not a joke, it is not a positive thing, it will not be tolerated even in the context of “in game threats”
  • KYS/etc: Text speak for “Kill yourself”. These terms are not allowed on Mixer. There is no circumstance in which you should be telling someone to commit suicide, ever.
  • Potentially derogatory slurs related to gender, sexuality, disability, nationality or religion will be reviewed for context

If you must trash talk others, do it without these terms. If its not okay for everyone to say, we do not allow it to be said by anyone. Trash talk/smack talk is tolerated as long as it does not cross the line into bullying, harassment and/or hate speech. Doing so may result in account access restrictions or removal.

Staff reserves the right to remove any name or message we find inappropriate for all audiences regardless of channel rating or context.

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