Blocked Names

Usernames should be appropriate for all ages. If the name could be considered offensive to a significant portion of the human population, it will not be allowed. 

For the most part, we attempt to block the following terms from being entered on our service, but language is ever evolving, and occasionally a name might make it through our filtering, even though it’s inappropriate for our service. In other words: Just because a name makes it through our filtering system, that does not make it appropriate for our service. 

 For severe violations, your account may be terminated, and the name locked in our vault of “forbidden names”. 

The following names/naming conventions not be tolerated in any name, regardless of context: 

  • Racial Slurs 
  • Sexual Assault References 
  • Self-Harm/Suicidal References 
  • Referencing anyone under 18 in a lewd or sexual manner 
  • Pedophile (and derivatives) 
  • Derogatory or Discriminatory terms related to sexuality, gender, religion or disability 
  • Racial slurs and their derivatives 
  • Hard Profanity 
  • Any names that attempt to look like or sound like any of the above forbidden naming conventions 

We review the context of words that are less offensive, some terms may be okay, depending on context. If you are not sure, ask 

That said, ultimately: Staff reserves the right to remove any name we find inappropriate for all audiences regardless of channel rating or context. 

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