Contests, Giveaways, Donations, Gambling and Alcohol

We understand that users may want to reward their followers and engage chat in giveaways, contests and even donation drives, however there are some guidelines you’ll need to follow to comply with our community rules.

  • No age-restricted substances:
    • No marijuana, alcohol, or tobacco giveaways will be allowed
    • No contests involving tobacco, alcohol or marijuana
    • No drinking alcohol or consuming drugs in relation to subscriptions, follower count or donations
    • A user may donate money for the purpose of purchasing alcohol, but not if it requires consumption.
      • “Here’s 20$ for some drinks” = Ok
      • “I’ll buy you drinks if you’ll drink them all now” = not ok
      • “I’ll drink this alcohol when we hit 500$ in donations” = not ok
      • “I’ll take a drink for every 5$ donation” = not ok
  • Clearly explain the giveaway:
    • Explain what is being given away
    • Explain how to enter
    • Explain any limitations on “who” can enter, such as “subscriber only” or “follower only”
    • A giveaway cannot require users donating money for entry, that is a raffle, and is considered gambling.
      • You may do a giveaway when you have received “x” amount of donations/followers/subscribers, but it cannot be limited to just the people that joined/donated for the giveaway. It should be open to everyone that meets your stated requirements. The stated requirements cannot be “donators”.
  • Subscriber only giveaways must allow all subscribers, not just new subscribers to participate. Rewarding supporters is different from a raffle.
  • No gambling/raffles
    • Exchanging money for a chance to receive something is gambling - You may use channel specific currency if desired.
    • You may play poker/cards, but not for money, try skittles (they are tasty)
  • Contests:
    • Rules must be clearly posted
    • Entrants cannot be charged a fee to enter (that’s gambling)
    • Entrants must be 18+
    • Conditions for winning must be clearly posted and explained
  • Any event that is based on “when I reach x subs/followers/donations, I will …” cannot have alcohol, drugs, tobacco or firearms involved.
    • We hear eating hot sauce is a great way to do donation drives.
  • Ensure participants know that Mixer and Microsoft are not associated with the giveaway
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