What is a Partner Manager?

Ok, for some, this may seem like an obvious answer. But it's actually one of the most common questions we get from new partners! We talk about partner managers a lot on Mixer, and this is because they're really awesome. But what are they awesome at? Why do we have them? What can you ask them? What do they do? Our partner managers are a really special part of the Partnership Program, and here's a bit of why.

What is a Partner Manager?

On Mixer, all partners are assigned to a partner manager, a person whose job it is to make sure the communication flow between the partners and Mixer is as smooth as possible. Outside of the streaming world, they might be called an accounts manager, but quite simply, they are the primary point of contact for their partners, to be sure that everyone feels confident in being able to find the answers they need.

What do Partner Managers do?

Partner managers spend a lot of time stream hopping, Twitter surfing, Discord chatting, and finding ways to connect with their partners. They are also part of the Review Team, for partner applications. They help us find and review the best streamers, and they're very good at it, because they spend so much time in the community! Partner managers may also have other skills they use, like making graphics, video editing, coaching new streamers--our team is very talented!

What can I ask my Partner Manager?

When in doubt, ask your partner manager. They're always happy to help, even if it's to help direct you to the best source for your answer. But here are some specific questions you may have, that would be perfect to ask your manager:

  • Where do I find the details for uploading my emotes?
  • Are the payments for this month being processed?
  • What do you think about my idea for this stream event?
  • Do you have suggestions for how I can improve my stream?

All troubleshooting issues MUST go through the ticket system. Mixer C.A.T Support agents are more likely to know about existing bugs, and if you found a new one, they can log it. We count on our partners to ticket, because you are more likely to submit helpful information that could help us solve the problem for all other users!

When you're chatting with your manager, please also keep in mind that they have many other partners and responsibilities, and they'll do their best, but response times will vary. Got a problem at 2am? Check with the Partner Discord first, there may be another staff member who's awake at that hour!

What can't I ask my Partner Manager?

There are a few things that partner managers actually can't answer or do for you. This list is not exhaustive, but it does cover some of the most common topics.

  • They can't tell you what is/is not allowed under the rules. You are responsible for following the rules, and making those judgement calls. Email with questions about the rules.
  • They can't mediate drama between you and another user. If the other user is breaking ToS in some way, please report them using the official site--other partners included. If they are not actually breaking ToS, and are just annoying you, we strongly advise that you do your best to ignore them, as you might a common stream troll. We also urge you to resist ranting in stream, as this only furthers the drama for you, and it does damage to your professional image and the representation of our brand. Lead by example, be the streamer you want others to be.
  • They can't discuss any internal interactions between Mixer and any other streamer. If, for example, you had another streamer berating you on stream and sending their viewers to harass you in yours, you'll need to report them with the link to their VoD, and allow the Guardian team to handle it. Your partner manager will not be able to comment on the investigation or actions taken, to be fair to all, this is kept purely confidential as a policy.

How can I make my Partner Manager's day?

This is a really great question that we get asked sometimes, so we figured we'd answer it publicly. Partner managers pour their heart and soul into the care of their partners, working weird hours and constantly looking for ways to make their partners' lives better. If you want to show some appreciation, here are a couple ideas:

  • Be patient with them. They can't run 24/7, they need to sleep and eat and game!
  • Ask them how they're doing, from time to time
  • Do your best to respond to their emails in a timely manner
  • Tweet them the funniest gifs you can find
  • Email to tell the team how awesome they're doing
  • Send kittens. Or Tacos. Or TacoCats. Or kittens eating tacos. Seriously, we love kittens. And tacos.
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