Partner Hoodies

We all love our partner hoodies! How do you get yours? Your onboarding material should provide you a link to the request form. If you've lost that, please ask your partner manager to provide it for you. We order our hoodies in batches of 75+, and ship to the address you've provided in file. 

Partner Hoodie Policies

  • Every partnered channel will receive 1 channel branded hoodie
    • Partnered Teams can purchase additional “Team {Insert Channel}” hoodies at our cost with Partner Manager Approval
      • Team hoodie requests must be reviewed by the partner manager
      • Team members requesting hoodies must have been an active part of the team for at least 6 months prior to requesting merchandise
    • Moderator hoodies can be purchased, with partner manager approval
    • Team hoodies will be shipped to the Team Leader, who can then ship individual hoodies out to team members.
  • Partners may specify which size or style, based on the option provided in the informational form, the color of the free hoodie will be uniform.
  • Partners may order more or different colors from our store, when it goes live.
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