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As a Mixer Partner, you are often asked questions by the community, because they assume that you know everything there is to know about Mixer. You're also easier to find than staff, when stream hopping! We want to do our best to help you feel confident when answering. Here is a non-exhaustive guideline for how to answer some of the most common questions or comments. If you ever are unsure, definitely connect with your partner manager, they'll be able to help you!



  • Mention anything you heard from the Partner Discord or staff, or hint at dates for upcoming features. If you're ever unsure, always ask your Partner Manager first.
  • Advise against users testing new features. Please let them decide for themselves. Every user experience is unique, and every tester reporting problems helps!
  • Use your partner status or platform to berate anyone. This means anyone--users, staff, or products from our companies or anyone else's, just don't do it. It's unprofessional, and it devalues your partnership with us. Please use the appropriate channels to voice complaints, whether it's with us or with any other company.
  • Advise on grey areas in the rules. If it's not clearly explained, you can assume that it is each streamer's responsibility to look up the applicable rules or laws for their area, and to abide them.

If a thing is broken

Don't worry, our team is awesome! While partners do get priority in support, the support team is still super friendly and very quick to answer anyone. Even if you think others have put in a ticket, each time someone reports a problem, they give us a little bit more information to help make it better for everyone!

If the feature you want isn't there

Please head to and let us know! If it's already there, upvote to show your support, and if not, tell us exactly what you're looking for. The team pulls new feature ideas from here!

Catch All Answers

  • Have you had a quick check of for your problem? There are a lot of really helpful articles there, from getting set up to dealing with buffering.
  • Have you put in a ticket about that? You never know, you might give them the details they need to fix it!
  • Well, I don't know, but I bet if you emailed, the team could help you find out! And let me know when you do!
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