What's so great about partnership with Mixer?

Our partnership program is more than just monetization of content, it's about the relationship between the partner and Mixer. Our partners have had significant impact on the shaping of Mixer, we work closely with them to test and get feedback on new features as often as possible.

Partners get both priority feedback and priority support. As much as is possible, when tickets come in, any ticket that has an impact on partners will be seen to first. This process is expedited with the Partner Discord and direct connection to Partner Managers.

Every month, partners are given a free code for pro and a free code to subscribe to their channel, to giveaway to whomever they wish! This is our thank-you to those who support our partners.

The native HypeBot can announce subscribers and resubs right in chat, and can join the partner's Discord, so that their subs get auto-assigned roles and access to partner emotes. Also, every sub triggers page-wide confetti!

Partners get 2 emotes from the very first day of partnering, and unlock 2 more at a time for each pre-defined subscriber level. 

Every partner gets free Pro status on the site for their channel, and is invited to test new features before the general public, sometimes even before the rest of the Pro users!

Each partner gets a portion of the subscriber revenue now, and will be getting a portion of the advertising revenue very soon. Direct donations are allowed, as are 3rd party artist subscription services.

Dual streaming is allowed for our partners. We do what we can to not limit our partners, but to empower them to do whatever they need, to build their brand. 

At each convention, partners get free stickers and other swag to keep or give away, as well as invitations to dinners and parties. More to come on this front, stay tuned! 

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